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Regional Victorian travel and camping reopens

Regional Victoria reopens

We're really pleased that Regional Victoria, including our home region of Gippsland, have been able to reduce the numbers down enough to lift some travel restrictions. This unfortunately does not include visits from our Melbourne friends, and we're sending them some positive energy to cope with everything that they're going through at the moment.

This means that glamping is in the clear, and we're opening up bookings moving forward.

Check Parks Victoria closures

Weddings + events still heavily restricted.

The latest announcement from the Premier introducing the roadmap for Melbourne and regional Victoria means that we can't expect to see any weddings going ahead until at least the 23rd November, 2020.

This means that many of our couples booked in for this season have needed to cancel their weddings, and we're devastated for them. We're allowing all couples to reschedule for an upcoming season and waiving late cancellation fees for all couples.

Read Victoria's COVID roadmap

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We're happy to direct you to official information on COVID-19 restrictions, as well as give you an idea of how this might affect and event or booking you have in mind.

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